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I would like a highquality magnetic mount dualband antenna for the roof of my vehicle so that i can easily move it between two vehicles. The jpole antenna is a 12 wave antenna with a 14 wave matching stub. Just remember that your baofeng has the reverse sma antenna jack. One way to overcome this is to make your own radiotnc cable using a speakermicrophone that is designed for the baofeng radio. Tests show the baofeng uv5r to be an illegal radio along with a few others too. Amateur radio stack exchange is a question and answer site for amateur radio enthusiasts.

The nagoya na701c antenna is tx optimized for 150165 mhz and 450470 mhz. Software will not work with the btech uv5x3, the baofeng uv5r3, uv5x mate uv82, bff8 or bff8hp radios. Amazons choice for baofeng uv5r antenna bingfu dual band vhf uhf 6174mhz 400470mhz ham radio antenna handheld two way radio walkie talkie sma female mini rubber antenna 2pack for kenwood wouxun baofeng bff8hp uv5r uv82 bf888s gt3. Anyone running baofeng uv5r for mobile ih8mud forum. This is the new home for the n9tax line of slim jim antennas. With the stock antenna, i have been able to barely access a mountaintop repeater from 30 miles away. Fake antennas, all antennas are not equal, compare. Ks kstorm 144430mhz ham smaf vhfuhf outdoor walkie talkie antenna for kenwood tk208tk240 baofeng uv5r 888s 2 way radio 4. For baofeng uv5r uv82 band antenna 144430mhz dual na771 sma female nagoya 10w. Take a look at the different antenna lengths available and see which one best suits your needs. Genuine nagoya antenna uhf vhf magmount antenna pl259 connector sma female adapter included add to cart buy now at product details replacement microphone. Set up this way, it has functioned comparably to my existing copper jpole antenna which i use as a. Sma female above to mate with the radio bnc female to mate with the bnc male antenna.

A complete system for your baofeng uv5r or f8hp radio code. I have a baofeng uv82 dualband 2m70cm ht with an sma male connector for the stock rubberducky antenna. Ill do a couple of transmissions and see if you can tell the difference between the two. Emergency ham radio frequencies list and usage guide. So50 on baofeng uv5r david mercado kk4mnd has produced a video showing how easy it is to receive the amateur radio satellite so50. With the upgraded antenna, the repeater comes in loud and clear. How to work amateur ham radio satellite w baofeng uv5r mfj on saudisat.

It is a compact, economical ht that includes a special vhf receive band from 65 108 mhz which includes the regular fm broadcast band. Dipolejpole slim jim for a backyard antenna for my baofeng uv 5r. Baofeng magnetic car vehicle mounted antenna uhf vhf dual band for. Baofeng uv5ra quick start manual pdf download manualslib. Comparing the uv5r with the stock antenna, a counterpoise and the slim jim. The standard rubber ducky antenna that the radio comes with has the benefit of. The n9tax slim jim is built from 450 ohm twin lead think old style 300 ohm tv twin lead but about twice as big. Browse the specifications and features of latest models of uv5r baofeng radios at baofengradio. Due to the wide variety of baofeng uv5r firmware versions, be sure you are using the correct one for your radio, either chirp, baofeng oem or baofeng vip or you will end up with a non working radio. Baofeng av85 long dual band high gain antenna for baofeng. Also works with kenwood two pin radios, wouxun, puxing, weierwei, quansheng and other two way radios with a kenwood k1 connector.

Be prepared and able to communicate in case of emergency with the largest selection at. On two different workstations, the update freezes the newer version of chirp. Hey, im gonna start things out by doing a little test. Which connection to get on slimjim antenna i recently found these antenna s that can be hoisted up a tree for use on dual band radioor murs depending on variation. Best baofeng antenna upgrade uv5r bff8hp all bands. The baofeng uv5r radio has a great reputation as an extremely compact and economical dual band uhfvhf amateur radio, introduced first by baofeng in 2012 with various cosmetic variants. With 128 channel capacity and up to 12 hours of battery life, the uv5r is a good choice for ham radio operators who need mobility at low cost. To use an antenna with a bnc male requires the following adapter. Dec 24, 2015 hello im a newbe and i have a baofeng uv5r and a tram dipole antenna set up for motorizing till i get my tech lic in jan.

Im going to lump the other bands with one ideal best baofeng antenna. You may also like baofeng antenna product description description. An antenna extension cable allows the radio to be separated from the antenna. This relieves the stress of a heavier cable when using an external mobile or fixed antenna.

I have installed chirp and have a hard time with receiving some repeaters in the area, all i get is static. Though its not directly applicable to your requirements because its not handheld, ill mention my other goto antenna, an n9tax dualband rollup slim jim with 16 of coax. The uv5r plus has the best sound with the least amount of back ground hiss when listening to people talk. The slim is an endfed folded dipole antenna that has a gain of 6 dbi and a nice low rf take off angle. Not without its flaws though, and one of them is the cryptic and incomplete manual. Enter 146520 while in frequency mode to vfoa step 2. You have a wide variety of frequencies ready to be used simply by entering the channel number. I specialize in a certain type of antenna called a jpole. Expect the same great products with a cleaner more secure site. Programming with computer and software is easier, but has its problems. A complete system for your baofeng uv5r or f8hp radio. Waller paa authentic 2 meter vhf slim jim amateur ham radio jpole base antenna 42. Connecting a baofeng uvb6 to a larger antenna essex ham. Aug, 2018 so you can use your older baofeng uv5r and uv5ra radios on the 144148 mhz 2 meter band and 430450 mhz 70cm bands without fear of being in violation.

Authentic n9tax vhfuhf slim jim jpole for ht 2m 70cm. Frs radios are very short distant, but with a external antenna on a scanner, the odds of hearing them in the area, at a distance of miles, are far greater. There is a lot of noise with the stock antenna and the signal is not that great. Regrettably, it did not alter the baofengs behavior when the ground of the coax is connected through to the radio. Page 1 baofeng uv5ra quick start guide introduction your uv5ra radio has been programed to provide you with a preset channel setup. The best aftermarket antenna upgrade for these bands. See if you can get results with a home made slim jim.

This antenna will function best when operating frs, gmrs, murs, maritime, or plmrs. I could only hear if i had the microphone plugged in. The problem i am having is deciding which connector to get on the end. There are many suppliers of jpole and slim jim antennas n9tax is one of. This makes the 2 meter slim jim antenna a great solution for repeater sites, data and packet stations, aprs. Hi everyone, im trying to program my uv5r using the baofeng usb that. Aug 20, 2014 there are times when you may need more gain than the standard jpole antenna. The 29 ltd bt offers professional drivers one more way to communicate safely. Still, dont expect miracles when youre in the woods. As its not as easy of obvious as youd hope, we thought it was worthy of a quick how to article.

Baofeng uv5r uvb5 faq drivers software accessories. Ive been producing these antennas professionally for nearly a decade now and have sold over 15000 units. Antenna connection smaf antenna threads cloning cables. My name is michael, kb9vbr, and i carry a full line of vhf and uhf antennas for sale. The first baofeng bff8hp i recieved had a problem with the sound on it. Radios radio shop hf radio electrical circuit diagram dipole antenna ham radio antenna diy electronics electronics projects communication. If you have set up a baofeng to scan murs, gmrs, and frs, this slim jim will pick the weak signals of possible threats. This may sound expensive, but as it turns out, speakermics are available for. The design uses a matching system like a jpole antenna. I did construct it, and the antenna analyzer did show a noticeable change in the antenna vswr. Cable jumper pigtails are available from 3 old crows. Baofeng uv5r programming with chirp for radio newbies. The safest bet for buying an official baofeng is to get the bff8hp from a reputable dealer including btech or baofeng directly.

The survival antenna turns your portable hand held. Im thinking of using one of these to suspend a slim jim antenna from n9tax. Otherwise you are rolling the dice on a knockoff of an already inexpensive radio. When installing the antenna, dont rotate it by its top,holding it by its base and turn. The baofeng uvant is a dualband uhfvhf antenna for the baofeng uv5r dual band amateur radio. With twice the gain of a standard jpole antenna, the 2 meter slim jim antenna is a jpole on steroids. Please feel free to contact us via the form at the bottom of the page if you have any questions. Building and tuning 2 meter 144 mhz copper j pole antenna. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. It is most often used as a portable emergency antenna because the flexible antenna can be rolled up for easy transport the antenna is about 4. This video demonstrates how to communicate via amateur ham radio satellite using an inexpensive. Devicebaofeng uv5re usb driver for windows 7 i need usb driver for windows 7.

Part 90 hand held transceiver providing 4 watts in the frequency range of 6174 mhz and 400480 mhz. Just as a fyi, i tried using your livecd, and it is a few years old. Usb cable driver software download and install first for windows xp. Its hardly any extra money and you can turn the power down. This antenna is not designed to be connected directly to a radio. Nov 04, 2018 comparing the uv5r with the stock antenna, a counterpoise and the slim jim.

Handmade slim jim antenna s by n9tax let me start by saying that since discovering the slim jim antenna design i have really come to respect these antennas. Press menu 27 mem channel appears on display step 3. Installing the drive sleek otr, cell signal booster for long haul truck drivers weboost. Some balanced ladder line feeder either 300 or 450 ohm will do if making an antenna for 145mhz, then youll need a. Regrettably, it did not alter the baofeng s behavior when the ground of the coax is connected through to the radio. Jan 17, 2015 the baofeng uv5r is a compact hand held dual band, radio transceiver providing 4 watts output in the range of 6174 mhz and 400480 mhz it is a compact, economical ht that includes a special vhf receive band from 65 108 mhz which includes the regular fm broadcast band. You could also get a slim jim antenna that you can hang in a tree or window n9tax makes a very good one that he sells on ebay but there are other sources for similar antennas.

This is an original pofung uv5r plus smafemale 18cm high gain dualband antenna, produced by pofung electronics. I was thinking you can also try a slim jim antenna found on ebay. Works with baofeng uv5r, uv82, uvb6 and bff9 dual band amateur radios. Enter 001 use the keypad or scroll to it with arrow keys. Al800 high gain dual band telescopic antenna for baofeng.

This is called the j integrated match jim the antenna itself is very slim hence the name slim jim. Baofeng uv5r dual band radio the baofeng uv5r dual band radio is a compact f. The antenna that comes with your baofeng radio when you buy one is usually called the rubber duck. Authentic n9tax vhfuhf slim jim jpole for ht 2m 70cm antenna 10 coax. The best length for your baofeng antenna upgrade will depend on how and where youll use it. Unfollow baofeng uv5r antenna to stop getting updates on your ebay feed. Joined oct 14, 2014 messages 60 location ontario, canada. My baofeng uv82 ham setup at home with an n9tax slim jim antenna system.

Just a note the uv5rtp comes up as something else in chirp 3 or 8. Would you know by the chance what connectorconverter will i need to attach it to uvb6. But it is possible to do a internet update of chirp. Aug 26, 2019 i countdown the top 7 accessories for the baofeng uv5r handheld ham radio, then i have a conversation with another ham radio operator using a local repeater. Quite a few amateurs i know swear by the nagoya na771, a 40cm long antenna. The usb interface programming cable allows you to plan your twoway radio from your computer. An exception is the uv5rx3 radio being sold by main trading from paris texas. Antenna bnc to sma adapter all together thats all thank you. Twoway radio to connect it directly to a pc or laptop via usb interface, no additional adapter option requires. I have a bunch of different 7 dual band antennas and they all tested differently on 2m but about the same on 70cm. This one i hang in a tree or from whatever i can find, as its happiest with at least 6 feet of free space around it. My baofeng uv82 ham setup at home with a n9tax and a.

Win7 usb interface programming cable for baofeng uv5r uv5r dm5r. Win7 usb interface programming cable for baofeng uv5r uv. The baofeng uv5r is a compact hand held transceiver providing 4 watts in the frequency range of 6174 mhz and 400480mhz 520mhz later versions. Fail connect with transceiver uv5r uv82 series store the file name in nullity cable without echo loopback driver issues. Technical baofeng pofung uv5r uv82 uv82x with images. Install the antenna as shown in the figure below and turn it clockwise until it stops. Top 7 accessories for baofeng uv5r ham radio youtube. Authentic n9tax vhfuhf slim jim jpole dual band 2m. Dec 09, 2015 i had another wouxun replacement antenna with the raised logo on the base and 6174420520 label which was slightly longer than the other stock antenna and it was resonant around 161 mhz. If you use an external antenna, make sure the swr is about 1. We are the authorized distributor of baofeng products. This article will teach you how to set up the uv5r, and how to program frequencies into the memory by hand. N9tax labs antennas, amateur radio, antennas, ham radio. The baofeng uv5r is an economical dual band uhfvhf amateur radio thats extremely compact.